Anita Pickersgill & Andrew Brennan

Keeping The Cash Flow Flowing -The Oxygen of Your Business

Anita Pickersgill MCICM
Anita has over 30 years’ experience in the fields of credit control and debt recovery and is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Credit Management. She is expertly proficient in the principles and practice of controlling credit and managing debt in commercial organisations. Anita’s engaging and direct approach combines credit management strategies as well as day-to-day practical solutions for SME’s. Whether it is one on one training, course delivery or a seminar her delivery is informative and easily retained.
With a career that has included working in commercial B2B Companies, followed by PriceWaterhouseCoopers insolvency team and over ten years in commercial Invoice Finance as a Recoveries and Litigation Manager Anita has gained a sound understanding of the problems SME’s face and the types of disputes that come out of their debtor books. These include Construction and Trade issues with Final Accounts, out of scope works, extras, variations, overdue payments falling under the Construction Act.

Andrew Brennan
When it comes to matters of debt recovery, and I hear the stories of how non-payment brings on heartache, stress, and even causes businesses to fold, to me this is personal.
Having worked in this profession for more than 30 years, you can imagine that there isn’t much I haven’t heard when it comes to the excuses for non-payment. If your debtor can’t pay, we’ll work with them to seek a resolution; if they simply won’t pay, this is when our specialist knowledge comes into play.
At the start of my career, I was employed by the Court Service and took it upon myself to work in every department. This enabled me to learn a great deal about the court process and, importantly, taught me how to present a case so that it would be viewed favourably by a District Judge.
From there I worked for firms of solicitors. This enabled me to learn how unpaid debt seriously affected their clientele. It wasn’t long before I recognised that my combined knowledge gained through this experience meant that I could directly help businesses, yet without the shackles imposed by these previous roles. I decided to take up private practice.
Using my contacts and the detailed knowledge I had gained, I have worked with the smallest one-man band businesses through to FTSE 100 organisations and, in each case, delivering a service that was successful, results-driven and timely.
The legal system can be a terribly slow and frustrating process but, when applied correctly, and with the honest and pragmatic approach that we implement at all levels here at ICM, positive results can certainly be achieved.
If you are owed money or require any guidance on any point, please feel free to contact us.

My Sessions

Keeping The Cash Flow Flowing -The Oxygen of Your Business

In this seminar Anita and Andrew will cover the things that you should know to keep the cash in your business, how to protect your business from doing work or providing services you might not get paid for. Making sure your sales turn into cash.